Murouji Temple

Statue of Shaka Nyorai

National Treasure

The Shakyamuni Buddha is the principal object of worship in the Kondo Hall. It was carved from a single piece of Japanese nutmeg(kaya)wood. Both the statue and the halo surrounding it were carved in early Heian period (794-1185). And those show us the case of excellent skill and craftsmanship at that time. The realistic flowing robe painted cinnabar red was executed in a style known as ‘Renpa-shiki’ or ‘Rippling waves’. This particular example is known as ‘Murouji drapery’.

Scholars believe the statue was originally a Yakushi Nyorai, as its halo was painted with the Seven Buddhas of the eastern pure lands, and it was surrounded by the Twelve Divine Generals of its followers. And a medicine case with a top cover was carved on each frog-leg-struts of the Kondo hall.